Becoming a Member

Information for participants including:

  • How to join
  • What is on offer

To join Green Door as a member, please download and fill in the form to the left, bring it to the hub and pay your annual membership. When you have paid your membership you will be requested to have your photo taken by our webcam, then you will be provided with a membership card with your photo and membership number on it. You will need to bring this with you each time you access services as a member and renewing your membership each year will entitle you to free or low-cost activities as long as you are a member.

Membership for Green Door is:

£7.50 per annum for a single user (as from Sep 2019 it will rise to £10)

£25.00 per annum for a family of five (as from Sep 2019 it will rise to £30)

For your membership you get access to free and low-cost activities see the list below to compare prices of member rates compared to non-members.

Cycle Hire

Member  £3.50 per person per hour (as from Sep 2019 it will rise to £4)

Non-member £6 per person per hour (as from Sep 2019 it will rise to £6.50)

Other activities

We split activities into 2 groups, high cost and low cost

For members

Low cost activities are FREE

High cost activities are £4.00 per person per session

For non-members

Low cost activities are £3.00 per person per session

High Cost activities are £6.50 

Carers policy

  • For those who need it, one carer per paying customer is allowed to accompany the paying user without charge.
  • A second carer can, at the discretion of Green Door staff, accompany a disabled person without charge if it is necessary.
  • If you feel this policy does not meet your needs, please speak to us and we will endeavour to meet the needs of all our users.

Our High cost activities include cycling, kayaking, climbing and activities that cost us significant amounts of money to run or maintain with equipment or fees we have to pay to 3rd parties.

Our Low cost activities are those that we can put on without a large financial commitment like orienteering that we only have to buy the orienteering packs for (and replacement flags etc. when they get stolen).

There are some activities like the History 4 Health walks that are high cost (we pay a 3rd party to run these), but are offered for free because they are funded by the Big Lottery.

You can find more about activities we are running on our Facebook page.