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Green Door Re-Opens Tuesday 13/04/2021

Following our extended winter lockdown due to coronavirus, Green Door is re-opening on a restricted service.

From 13/04/2021 Cycling will be available for the following days and times

Tue – Friday 10:30 am – 2:30pm (last 1 hour cycle booking 1:30pm)

Other activities and further opening times will be added when it is deemed safe (covid) for volunteers, staff and visitors.

Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

Activity Prices

Customer Information

Single Membership £10.00
Family /Group Membership (up to 5 people) £30.00
High Rate activities (non-member) £6.50
High Rate activities (member) £4.00
Low Rate activities (non-member) £3.00
Low Rate activities (member) Free

Thank You Green Door

Below is a transcript of this letter, it is transcribed as accurately as possible but we are human and can make mistakes.
No corrections have been applied and the text is representative of written letter, including spelling and grammar as it was written in the original pen.

Dear all at the Green Door
Well what an experience, what a lovely time we both have on the bikes each time we come into Westport Lake.
So relaxing to see all the scenery before our eyes and inhaling the fresh air, a wonderful tonic to a daily perscription.
The staff from all area’s are really nice, very obliging, and always helpful – Always ready to help.
So thank you for all you do, and we will be re-newing our membership again, to enjoy yet another twelve months of leisure time on those bikes.
God bless you all
And thank you

Green Door is now registered with Amazon Smile

What this means is if you make purchases from Amazon you can register Green Door as your nominated charity and we will get money from Amazon – Read how to here

Good news – Green Door has been awarded a grant from the National Lottery to provide accessible canoeing and kayaking.

read more here

The funding will be for a specialist fleet of canoes suitable for peoples’ needs including multiple abilities, the specialist equipment will have to be imported from the USA and our standard canoes/kayaks and equipment plus a canoe trailer will be purchased from the UK.

The fund will also be paying for two part time and one full time members of staff, so for the first time in its operation Green Door CIO will become an employer.

Gardening Project

Green Door has now started a new Gardening project at Westport Lake. Take a look at our gardening page here

Green Door Scooter Rental

In its efforts to make outdoor spaces accessible to all, Green Door now has a mobility scooter available at Westport Lake.

Getting out in the fresh air is not only about physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. If you are not able to walk or cycle, now you can still enjoy the area around the large lake via our Scooter.

Cost per hour is  £4.00 for members and £6.50 for non-members.


“Nu-Drive” wheel chair propulsion unit. Green Door has purchased these to make it easier for wheelchair users to attend our walks. It attaches to wheelchair wheels and allows wheelchairs to be propelled by leavers, giving 40% more power and protecting the users hands from dirt that would normally be transmitted to there hands from the wheelchair wheels.


Bring Your Toddlers

Green Door has often been asked if we have an option to take a toddler as a passenger on any of our cycles, so responding to this feedback we now have a children’s cycle trailer that can take small two children or one larger child. This trailer attaches to the rear of our cycles and the child or children sit inside wearing a three-point harness. The trailer has spring suspension on each wheel and a rear compartment to carry your bags etc. The trailer can be open to the fresh air, or have a mesh cover pulled down to protect from insects, it also has a full windowed cover that can be pulled down to give complete protection from the weather.

The charges to use the cycles at Green Door are £4.00 per member or £6.50 per non-member (carer goes free) With the child trailer however we will only be charging for one even if there are two children in the trailer. So effectively it cost £4.00 (£6.50 for non-member) to use the trailer.

The weight limit for the trailer is four stone. So two, three year olds or under children would probably be comfortable together but for a four to six year old we would recommend only one child of this age in the trailer. However you no your child’s size and weight better than us.

Child trailer

Our Companion has a Companion

Good news! we have two of these excellent cycles back in service.

Twinbike +

New to our fleet this cycle carries 3 adults or children, two peddling and a 3rd passenger on the front. Add the child trailer and it can carry a further 2 children.



Green Door Becomes Independent

From the 1st September 2016, Green Door became an independent CIO (charitable incorporated organisation). For the last few years Green Door has been a part of Stoke on Trent City Council and was funded by a grant from the National Lottery with two paid members of staff working for the council with a Volunteer shadow committee and volunteers manning the hub at Westport Lake.

Now that Green Door is independent, we have no paid staff and everyone is a volunteer.

Green Door now gets no core funding to run the organisation and we have to survive on what individual grants and donations we can raise and the income from activities, hence we have had to re-assess some of our charges so please see the new price list below for charges.

Annual family membership                                                   £30.00

Annual single membership                                                   £10.00


For members

High maintenance activities (i.e) cycling                             £4.00

Low cost activities (i.e) walks                                                 Free

For non-members

High maintenance activities (i.e) cycling                             £6.50

Low cost activities (i.e) walks                                                £3.00

Carers Policy For those who need it, one carer per paying customer is allowed to accompany the paying user without charge.

  • A second carer can, at the discretion of Green Door staff accompany a disabled person without charge if it is necessary.
  • If you feel this policy does not meet your need, please speak to us and we will endeavour to me the need of all our users.


We have received a grant from the national lottery in September 2018, read more about it here

Renew your membership

Green Door would also like to remind people to renew their membership annually, currently we are having a lot of people who took out memberships over a year ago, and have not renewed them but are only paying membership prices for cycle hire. Without collecting the proper fees for activities, we will not be able to continue, and so ask that all our members bring their membership card with them to obtain membership prices, if we cannot confirm you membership is current, we will have to charge non-member prices.


We have managed to secure a one-off grant from the lottery fund to run several “History For Health” walks, and are working on application for further grants.

Within our charging strategy we allow for any disabled person to be able to bring a carer with them who will not be charged, so effectively a carer accompanying a disabled person goes free. If a second carer is required to enable the disabled person access the facilities we provide, we will consider allowing that second carer to go free also, but we ask that this is not abused as we depend on the income from activities to keep going.

So, what happened when the council finished with Green Door and we became independent? Well, we will be renting the building at Westport Lake from the council at a peppercorn rent. Cycles and other assets are being transferred to the new Green Door CIO from the council. Part of the asset transfer included two five year old laptops that were wiped by the council. We have installed fresh operating systems and Microsoft Office software on the ex-council laptops, and because we have registered for free software donations for charities, we only had to pay administration charges to get the software.

We have been very lucky in recruiting volunteers who are professionals in their fields. We have a professional outdoor sports instructor, an accountant, an office professional with years of civil service experience and even an IT professional, all working as volunteers.


History 4 health
Make Mondays more interesting!
Are you fascinated by the rich and exciting history of your home patch?
Do you want to find out more about Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme’s past times?
Fancy a trip down memory lane with us?

The Green Door CIO has organised a programme of local history walks and talks presented by renowned local historian and author, Mervyn Edwards.

These one hour walks and talks are followed by an hour’s “mingle” at a nearby watering hole, where you can chat with Mervyn about the history of our local area, and talk with fellow local history enthusiasts.