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It is a requirement of almost all funding applications Green Door makes that we provide evidence that the services we wish to provide are wanted by our community and that we have consulted with our demographic. Once we have the funding we then have to prove statistically that people are using the services and that we are consulting with our clients. To help with this, our service user can fill in surveys here and that helps to ensure that our services continue

Current Green Door Surveys

Customer Survey Spring 2020

We would love to know what you think about Green Door activities. Please would you spend a little time filling in this short survey?
You can fill this form in anonymously if you prefer. Or if you are happy to leave your name and phone number, we would like to enter you in our monthly draw for £10 Boots vouchers.

customer survey 2020

customer survey 2020.pdf – Please right click and “save As” this pdf form. Once downloaded please open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (or MS Internet Explore). Once open you can fill it in on your computer or tablet (providing you open it with Acrobat or I.E.) then submit to have it emailed to us. Alternatively you can print the form and fill it in by hand and return it to Green Door. Please be aware if you try and fill in the form not using Acrobat, or using browsers other than I.E. you will encounter compatibility problems as Chrome, Edge etc are not fully compliant with Acrobat.

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Photography survey – currently we are applying to raise funds for equipment for a Camera Club. This will allow people to have there photos printed on clothes, ceramics etc. Please click the link to do the survey online at Surveymonkey or you can print out the Camera Club Survey.pdf

Click for (Surveymonkey) online survey

Click for printable survey